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Need a Pre-Employment Assessment?

Hunter MoveAbility utilise specific protocols in relation to providing a comprehensive Pre-Employment Assessment for Employers seeking to understand their potential workers. This service has been created with Hunter MoveAbility’s staff’s extensive history performing Functional Capacity Evaluations within the Occupation Rehabilitation field.

Utilising the protocols of specific testing methods tailored specifically for the assessed job demands, Hunter MoveAbility has to put together a meaningful assessment to really understand the functional tolerances that a potential worker is capable of performing in relation to the role being applied for.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Employment Functional Assessment?

  • They are an effective risk mitigation strategy to help identify whether or not the candidate has the physical and functional capacity to perform the identified role safely and effectively.
  • As an organisation, you are fulfilling your health and safety obligations
  • A Pre-Employment Functional Assessment can be used as a baseline test for further health monitoring.
  • They can identify modifications to a specific role tailored to the candidate for safe and durable performance of the role.

These Pre-Employment Functional Assessments are valuable for businesses to determine the suitability of a candidate for a role and understand the musculoskeletal risks involved. We specialise in providing clear and concise recommendations to help you understand your candidate. Get in touch to see how we can help!

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