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Being one of the most experienced Exercise Physiologists in the area, Hunter MoveAbility’s director has spent many years fine tuning the service delivery or quality Allied Health services. Over the years, people often asked, “What is an Exercise Physiologist?” This is a great question because when you ask another Exercise Physiologist, they will probably give you another response to what we do, which adds to the confusion, right?

Hunter MoveAbility likes to keep it simple, so the simple answer is: we assess, prescribe, educate, program, monitor and modify. Exercise Physiology is a science, but there is an art behind the science! Exercise Physiology is the art of getting your unique body moving to prevent and manage your health condition for life! Everyone is different, which is why we assess you before we are able to prescribe you a unique journey and educate why this is important for your health condition and guide you to your ultimate outcome.

Here at Hunter MoveAbility we love assisting people to move well and feel great! Over our journey, we have bene grateful to be able to expand our caring services into the Ballina, Grafton, Nowra, Jervis Bay, Tamworth and Hunter regions.

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