“An Exercise Physiwhat now?” What exactly is an Exercise Physiologist?

A question we get asked a lot at Hunter MoveAbility is “What is an Exercise Physiologist?”, well this is after the initial “Are you a Physio” or “Are you a Psych” or “Are you a Personal Trainer” questions. It’s very common as we are the babies of the health sector and it is expected as we are not as well known, YET!


So, what is an Exercise Physiologist?


Well, an Exercise Physiologist is a tertiary qualified Allied Health professional with a Medicare provider number and a trained within the health and medical sector. We specialise in exercise therapy and lifestyle interventions for people at risk of developing, or with existing disabilities, chronic medical conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.


Make sense???? If you are one of those people that nod but in your mind are like, “still have no idea, but I’ll nod to make it look like I know what they are talking about and be polite”, then you are not alone.


Let us put this into perspective with an analogy, because we love using them here at Hunter MoveAbility!


Imagine a car, you are driving down the road when suddenly, the breaks don’t work effectively, and you hit another car. BOOO! Don’t worry, everyone walks away safely. Now what do you do? What is wrong with the car? What is happening? Why did my breaks stop? AAARRGGGHHH!!! Not an ideal situation, however, you need to get the car back on the road and back to doing its purpose of transporting you to where you want to go, right? Now the car is taken to a mechanic, who identified that parts need to be replaced to ensure the car is working, then the car needs to be put back into place by a panel beater and then testing needs to be done to ensure it works. Simple!


Um……where is this going? Well, imagine the mechanics being your Specialist, they get in there fix the specific mechanical problem. After the part is fixed, the part/area needs to ensure it is working/moving properly and is in the right place. This is like your panel beater, they get everything looking good and ready to go, however, who is looking at the reason for the issue? Who is looking at the reason for the breaks losing their effectiveness? Who is ensuring this problem doesn’t occur again or is at reduced risk to occur again?


Yep, you guessed it, the engineers are the ones that ensure the car is functioning at its best and most efficient capabilities. This is where Exercise Physiologists come into this system! Trained Exercise Physiologists are the engineers for the human body. We are trained to look after the person as a whole and not just the injury or medical issue. We are individuals and we all have different aspects of our lives that make up our health! This is where Hunter MoveAbility prides itself on individualised evidence-based and client-based programming to help you move well and feel great! Get in touch and see how we can help you!

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