Following many years of working within the Occupation Rehabilitation sector, Hunter MoveAbility’s Director, Tim, made the decision to branch into the field of Exercise Physiology, as a treatment provider and created a mobile Exercise Physiology business in 2014. For many years, utlising the knowledge and understanding of the Workers Compensation system, Tim kept a lid on the level of his work, as family always came first and spending time with the family to watch them grow kept him from pursuit of bigger professional goals.

After servicing many clients and obtaining many great results, the word was starting to spread. It was at this time, Hunter MoveAbility was created in 2019 to start servicing more people. You see, Hunter MoveAbility loves helping people to move well, feel great and live even greater.

We do this through our core values:

We Care

We care about you and want to help you with your journey.

We’re Honest

We are honest with our communication and education to assist you to the best outcome as possible. We aren’t afraid to put our hands up and say “This is out of my scope” and refer you to someone that can move you forward in your journey.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with your health team, because collaboration builds the best results!

We Go the Extra

We go the extra mile for you!

We Love

We love what we do and love being a part of the journey to quality outcomes!

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